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About the diseases

Most common illnesses and their causes and cure methods in terms of Tibetan Medicine

Like a good mechanic provides care to an engine, the Tibetan physician tries to spot weaknesses in the system before any specific breakdown occur on their account. Some Tibetan medicine is therefore a prophylactic medicine dealing with unhealthy tendencies before they cause the patient to present serious clinical problems. However, many people only consult a doctor when things are going wrong or bad symptoms appear , the major part of this medical science - in practice - is concerned with an immediate treatment of the specific ailment on which the patient presents while at the same time deal with any underlying imbalance discovered.

Cardio-vascular diseases

Hypertension (high blood-pressure)

Having blood pressure at certain level and all hypertension patients must have medicines regularly. All western medicines, which exist nowadays trying to solve the high blood-pressure problem do not provide stable prolonged effect.

Tibetan Medicine cures this disease by increasing of vascular elasticity and stimulating the cardiac activity. Such kind of treatment causes “self-regulation” of a whole cardio-vascular system, and blood pressure gets stabilized. The hypertension treatment must be followed carefully. It is necessary to improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tracts as well, to make sure that all necessary vitamins and minerals will be consumed. In some cases it is also necessary to have a treatment to improve the condition of the organs – kidneys and liver – for blood content normalization, which helps to stabilize the cardiac activity and blood pressure.

For such kind of disease we provide special medicines, created using ancient recipes. These provide good results and have prolonged effect which can last after the termination of the medical treatment.

The Tibetan Medicine is efficient for the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases in general. It provides a good recovering after a stroke or heart-attack, strengthening the heart muscle, recovering from some cardiac activity disorders, unpleasant feelings in the heart area, headaches, vertigo, shortness of breath, heaviness in chest and other problems related with cardiac diseases, also the Tibetan Medicine offers an effective treatment for hypotonia (low blood pressure).

It also provides solution to brain blood circulation problems and problems related with the brain and nerve cells, Our center has been creating a method for nerve cells rehabilitation on corpuscular levels – method of balancing electron orbits with magnetic fields. This method has been widely recognized as an unique method that allows to cure paralysis, imbecility, cerebral palsy, birth traumas consequences, brain atrophy and problems generated by accidents

Oncological diseases

From the point of view of Tibetan Medicine the main causes of cancer are vascular spasms, body pollution, distortion of brain impulses transmission and regular stresses. These factors cause deviations at the body’s energy cycles (energy circulation). The ability of the body to self-recovering goes low.

In cancer treatments the Tibetan Medicine uses medicines aimed for rehabilitation of energy circulation and immune systems activation. Our center accounts with medicine that focus on the termination of malignant cells growth.  

Locomotor system diseases


In terms of Tibetan Medical system osteochondrosis causes by muscle elasticity reduction and violation of blood circulation, which is related with kidneys activity. There is a jamming inside of muscles. Sometime in a place of jamming happens inflammation. In this case also spinal bone load becomes to be uneven, which cause damage for ligaments and nerve tissues and in such places of spinal bone could appear vertebral herniation.

During osteochondrosis treatment we use herbal bathes, which with high temperature of water relax muscles, through skin pores salts and pollutions go out and medical herbs penetrate into muscle tissues, activate and improve blood circulation and terminate inflammation. Also in use there are methods of acupuncture, which help to prevent situation when muscle fibers, vasculars and nerve fibers get linked with each other and nerve fibers membranes get damaged (as exactly this kind of damage cause pain for osteochondrosis patients).

Arthritis, rheumatism, podagra

In Tibetan Medical system those diseases consider not like diseases of bones and joints, like it considered in western medicine. Causes of those diseases are metabolism distortions and changes of blood chemical content. Such kinds of problems are related with work of liver and kidneys.

According to that patients get treatment normalizing metabolism and blood content and rehabilitating of normal work of kidneys and liver.


The cause of psoriasis is low activity of kidneys and distortions of nerve system. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine like a cause of all skin diseases always has been considered pollution of the blood and excess of “fire”. Regardless of that in terms of Tibetan Medicine the main cause of psoriasis is, otherwise, lack of some elements, health emaciation, and energy leakage. In Tibetan Pharmacology there are methods of activation of processes, which are necessary for certain elements production in the body for rehabilitation and cure. Those methods give good prolonged effect. With similar methods we provide cure of similar diseases, such as vitiligo etc.

Urino-genital system diseases

Prostatitis and male sterility

Prostatitis causes by disbalance of male energy yang. Such kind of disbalance caused by stresses, stress cause spasms, because of spasms pollution gathers in prostate, prostate grows. There is a metabolism deviation.

Ways of cure: purification of body, arising of level of energy yang. Balancing of the nerve system, correction of brain impulses.

Male sterility causes by same reasons and cures with similar methods.

Female sterility

In case of uterine appendages impassability we provide treatment with special herbs for resolving of impassable parts. In cases after surgery or abortion and hormonal disbalance we provide treatment with special medicines, which rehabilitate blood circulation of all reproductive organs, to make all those organs to be well washed with pure blood. Those medicines reduce the “wind” which is a main reason for such kinds of diseases.


Tibetan Medicine offers for hepatitises cure treatment of liver itself, to make body fight the virus. In this case it does not play role which type of hepatitis patient has. Cure happens because of immune system activation.

Gastrointestinal tract diseases

Among gastrointestinal diseases there are certain diseases named “diseases of fire” and the other ones named “diseases of cold”.

“Diseases of fire”: ulcer, colitis, gastritis, heartburn, constipation, cholecystitis. To cure them it is necessary to lower “fire”, purify blood and gastrointestinal tract.

“Diseases of cold”: colitis, pancreatitis, diarrhea. To cure them it is necessary to rehabilitate the chemical content of the blood, activate blood circulation in organs of digestive system, activate work of those organs.


There are two types of diabetes in Tibetan Medical system.

1 type (insulin-dependent): such diabetes causes most often by hereditary factor. Such kind of diabetes is very hard to cure. For cure it is necessary to open Chakras, to correct all deviations in Chakras. It is necessary to cure whole body altogether.

2 type (insulin-independent): this diabetes causes by high level of “fire” and “cold” in a same time and energy circulation of the body is deviated. As the result, in some parts of body there is too much “fire” and in some other parts – too much “cold”. This kind of problem is possible to cure. To cure this diabetes it is necessary to normalize separately “fire” – recover livers functioning to make ‘fire” level lower, with that such symptoms like dryness in mouth will disappear, and balance “cold” – carefully strengthen kidneys to activate blood circulation in all digestive system organs. With this treatment weakness and fatigability will reduce, normal work of vasculars and vision will recover.

Sometime, because of heavy development of disease, happens movement of diabetes from type 2 into type 1, because Chakras close up etc. Such kind of diabetes is easier to cure then diabetes of pure type 1 caused by hereditary factor.


Overweight could be caused with 3 reasons:

1.Because of incorrect life style, stresses and also hypodynamia.

In this case we recommend body purifying, muscles and organs spasms dissipation. We provide recommendations for nutrition and sports activity.

2.Because of diseases, antibiotic therapy, hormonal disbalance – balance in body violates by external fluency, weight gains fast.

In this case it is necessary to cure organs, which were harmed by external fluency, to recover balance in body and normal work of all organs, purify after consequences of external fluency.

3. Hereditary factor

Because the problem caused by body balance and code deviation it is necessary to cure Chakras to cure the problem.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction causes by hereditary factors. With big long time stresses, long time suppressed nerves pressure it shows up. In this case happens deviation of nerve system work. This addiction appears like a defense reaction, body requires relief from long time suppresses emotions.

To cure this kind of problem it is necessary to purify body from consequences of long time alcohol taking and negative fluencies, normalize the work of nerve system, build an ability to of stand stresses. It is necessary also to make a Chakras cure, to input positive energy.


From Tibetan Medical system point of view all allergies are related with digestive disorders “fire in cold” type: general level of energy is low – “cold” in kidneys, immune resistance is low, also pollution from digestive tract comes in various organs. Respiratory manifestations and mucilaginous of eyes allergies says about “fire” arising, skin allergies – about blood pollution.

It is hard to cure allergy. It is necessary to clean up the body and digestive tract, improving general condition of health in same time. Such cases require very precise diagnostic and set of medicines.

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