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About us

The ancient Tibetan medicine helps recovering from numerous illnesses.


Pulse palpation helps to determine illnesses at early stages of their progress while other tools don’t make it possible.

The usage of pulse palpation allows diagnosing with 100% accuracy no matter what the concomitant illnesses and external factors are. Pulse Palpation is one of the major methods of diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine.

The concept of pulse palpation is based on the idea that the radial artery of wrist joint has the spots, which allow to palpate pulses of all internal organs in the human body. pulse palpation is performed on both hands of patient. With the use of this method the professional Tibetan doctor can diagnose the current status of the patient and find out the illnesses the patient suffered previously. The doctor can also make prognosis of illnesses for the next several years. Once the diagnosis is done, the patient will be prescribed Tibetan medicines accordingly with the disease.


Tibetan Medicines are made of 100% organic ingredients such as herbs, leaves, bark as well as minerals, metal oxides and organs of animals. Chemical substances are never used in Tibetan medicine.

The main purpose of Tibetan medicines is to provide substantial support to the body for its self-recovery rather than eliminating bacteria or germs.

The main idea of Tibetan medicine: any disease can be cured in its initial stage. This means that there are no any fatal diseases unless they are started to be cured prior to the critical stage in their progress. It is relevant to mention that Tibetan medicine cure the body as a whole rather than giving treatment for solving specific problems.


The Beijing Tibetan Medical Center operates since 1992 providing high quality standard services and facilities.

The Beijing Tibetan Medical Center provides a modern hospital for 140 people. We offer “Deluxe” rooms for those who don’t want to be in “hospital environment”, these are provided with the room service and other facilities to create the impression of being in the comfortable hotel rather than in a hospital.

Sanatorium-and-SPA treatment is also available. Three are 100 doctors working at the hospital. 20 of them provide counseling for the new patients and 80 do treatment.

This centre is the biggest government institution for Tibetan medicine in China and it doesn’t have any formal relations with domestic or overseas medical institutions.
There are many similar medical centers in Tibet but they don’t provide hospital facilities. The doctors in these medical centers only provide diagnostic and advise people what Tibet medicine should be taken.

All our staff has had professional training for many years in Tibet. To practice in the field of Tibetan medicine it is necessary to graduate from one of the institutes of Chinese medicine, The Institute of folk medicine and the faculty of Tibetan medicine. This faculty is located in Tibet and there are some branches in the provinces near by. The education is carried out in Tibet language. Only local people can study there.

The medicines, provided by the Beijing Tibetan Medical Center, are prepared by highly experiented experts according to ancient Tibetan recipes. Implementing traditional ways of preparation, ingredients and precise dosage provide maximal curing effect for certain diseases and immune system; these also reinforce the body resistance.

The doctors at Beijing Tibetan Medical Center do the diagnostic of all organs and systems using pulse palpation to determine diseases and disorders of any level. They recommend medicines accordingly to individual condition of the patient; giving recommendations for nutrition, life style and metabolism correction.

We provide care for cardio-vascular system, respiratory tract system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, urino-genital system, locomotor system, blood diseases, allergies and metabolic disorders.

To visit Beijing Tibetan Medical Center hospital for treatment you are required to send us your medical report and a list of medical diagnostics given by your doctor. According with this information we’ll make a plan for treatment and send you an individual invitation.

Contra-indications for getting treatment with Tibetan traditional medicine methods are acute condition of any illness (before start of treatment with Tibetan traditional medicine methods it is necessary to reduce symptoms or stabilize the condition of patient with western medicine means), cancer in the last stage, internal diseases in late stage, infections. In case of general impairing of body with various diseases it is necessary to provide soft treatment, which takes long time and requires additional observation with western medical doctors. Tibetan traditional medicines should not be used during pregnancy. Children can start to be treated with Tibetan traditional medicine at the age of 7. Our center provides treatment with Tibetan traditional medicine methods only although when necessary we can use western means of diagnostic.


Besides of all medical activities the Beijing Tibetan Medical Center carries on tour visits to visitors. Tourist groups are invited to come to get an excursion and have a general view of what is done at the hospital.

During these excursions some information is provided regarding Tibetan philosophy, medicine and services, we also offer a free checkup and a prescription based in the doctor recommendation. It is possible to buy Tibetan medicines at the medical center, the medicines offered to tourists/visitors have a general health improving effect. For more serious treatment it is necessary to have a more precise medical examination from the Medial Center.

We warmly welcome any individual to our Medical Center for treatment and consulting. We are always available for anyone who needs us.

How to find us

National Center for Tibetan Medicine in Beijing


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