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The ancient Tibetan medicine helps recovering from numerous illnesses. The main idea of Tibetan medicine: any disease can be cured in its initial stage. This means that there are no any fatal diseases unless they are started to be cured prior to the critical stage in their progress. It is relevant to mention that Tibetan medicine cure the body as a whole rather than giving treatment for solving specific problems.

The doctors at Beijing Tibetan Medical Center do the diagnostic of all organs and systems using pulse palpation to determine diseases and disorders of any level. They recommend medicines accordingly to individual condition of the patient; giving recommendations for nutrition, life style and metabolism correction.

We provide care for cardio-vascular system, respiratory tract system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, urino-genital system, locomotor system, blood diseases, allergies and metabolic disorders.

We warmly welcome any individual to our Medical Center for treatment and consulting. We are always available for anyone who needs us.

Make sure you use precisely our phone numbers, e-mail addresses and address from this site. We are not carry responsibility for the treatment you may get from some other people and places which declare themselves like "tibetan doctors".  Be aware of possibility to get in touch with fraud.

How to find us

National Center for Tibetan Medicine in Beijing


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