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Services and prices

We provide medical check up performed by Tibetan doctors by visiting our Center.  The doctors at the center evaluate your health by pulse palpation diagnostics, discuss your health problems, and give you recommendations about correct nutrition and ways to improve your lifestyle as well as prescribe you medicines if necessary.

If you are having a disease and you are planning to get a serious treatment in our hospital – we can provide a general plan for possible treatment and list of services.

General treatment scheme at Beijing State Tibetan Medicine Center

For a more serious treatment we require you to bring your x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests results. Having these documents we proceed with an evaluation proceeding.

1). Diagnostic implementing pulse palpation.
Implementation of the Chakras opening procedure (performed by a lama from Tibet).

2). According with your case and interest. We provide Hospitalization at our center. We offer two types of rooms:
  • Ordinary hospital rooms;
  • Hotel-type rooms.
The center is located near a 4-stars hotel, which is situated nearby of our Center. We can book the room for you in advance.

3). Medical treatment:
  • Feet and legs meridian points massage;
  • Acupuncture methods;
  • Manual manipulations and meridian points of body massage;
  • Herbal baths.
Diagnostic Details.
Chakras opening procedure, performing by lama from Tibet. This is unique kind of treatment which gives possibility to balance completely all body energies and makes all rest types of treatment and medicines to work more efficient.

Feet and legs meridian points massage procedure is based on idea that as on the cover of the soles there are many of important meridian points it is possible by activation of these points to balance blood circulation of internal organs of body and to clean body from pollution.

Herbal baths were invented in Tibet 2000 years ago. The mixture for such baths boils from around 50 components of целебных herbs in individual way for each patient depending on certain disease and health condition. Such baths arises body energy and spirit of human, activates blood circulation, balances metabolism.

Acupuncture methods treatment allows too dissipate cramps and blood blocks in vasculars and muscles to rebuild normal blood circulation and nerve system. Certain methods are applies for arising of kidneys activity and immune system.

What kind of and what procedures would be necessary for particular patient will be clear only after pulse palpation and discovering of patient condition.


Medicines are the most important pars of the process of treatment and recovering of the patient. Exactly Tibetan Medicine is on the first place in aspect of efficiency of medicines. Tibetan medicines cure several of hard-curing diseases. It relates, among other reasons, with pure nature of Tibet itself. Plants and animals of Tibet exist in special conditions of lack of oxygen and severe climate. That gives them special curing abilities, which Chinese herbs planting artificially don’t have.

In order to get sufficient recovering effect it is necessary to keep taking Tibetan medicines during 4-6 months. As an additional treatment they use also tonic Tibetan plants.

In our hospital on the 1st floor we have restaurant of Tibetan and Chinese food. If you want you may eat in some other places. Usually during the treatment doctor prescribes a special diet.

If you plan to come in our hospital for serious treatment we’ll provide all necessary services ourselves, you don’t need to contact and tour-firms. We will pick you up in airport and send you back home. We also can send you invitation for visa process. We have translators, which may accompany you in your trips around the city.


Payments for the treatments are preferable in cash.
We accept RMB (Yuans), US dollars and Euros.
We accept credit cards as well in case of an emergency.
Our Center works with 100% of pre-paid.

How to find us

National Center for Tibetan Medicine in Beijing


No.218 XiaoGuanBeiLi, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China.


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