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History of foundation and development of Beijing Tibetan Medical Center

Beijing Tibetan Medical Center was founded at 1992. The center was created when Jian Ze Min has visited Tibet. During this visit, among other activities, he has visited factories, producing Tibetan medicines and gave a lot of attention to this subject in general. After this visit the former leader of China gave instructions to the National Affairs Committee to make a detailed investigation of this industry and start its development and spreading in other regions of China.

At 1992 the center started its activity. It was 1 floor small building at that time. The center was providing only medical counseling; there were no possibility for patient care. Those who had need for treatment had to live in hotels or stay in other hospitals; Tibetan doctors were providing counseling only. At 1998 Beijing Tibetan Medical Center moved into bigger 2 floors building nearby Beijing Exhibition Center. And at 2003 the Chinese government has provided for the Center new 6-floors building with modern facilities.

Nowadays here there are rooms for inpatient care with different kind of provided services, including hotel-type rooms, which make patients, do not feel stressed with hospital environment and give psychological comfort.

Here also you can get sanatorium-and-spa treatment. Nowadays Center is also equipped with diagnostic equipment and there is possibility to use western methods of diagnostics as an addition to traditional ones. For preliminary check-up and counseling work around 20 doctors and around of 80 specialists of every description provide treatment.

All kinds of patients ask for help in Beijing Tibetan Medical center.  Besides ordinary people in this place take treatment high rank officials from different countries and celebrities. Here got treatment famous Russian astronaut Georgi Grechko. In 1995 here got treatment Boris Yeltsin for the first time and then came 2 times more.

Beijing Tibetan Medical Center carries out experience exchange with doctors from foreign countries, conduct mutual conferences, consultations. In close plans are development and extension of international cooperation.

Nowadays here carries out training of doctors from China and other countries of the world, preparation and publishing Tibetan medical books, interpreting of ancient Tibetan medical tractates. During this process go research of medicines recipes and methods of treatment. Due to this laborious work ancient science gets preserved, methods of treatment of newly appeared diseases and well-known diseases are getting created.

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